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To keep the pressure off my clients I aim to have flat rates in all our services and not hourly rates. That’s why every music production service has a fixed price. Just reach me at and let us start working!


Put your recorded tracks together

Have you recorded a set of tracks that build up your great song? Or the tracks of your new Album or EP? It is time to take the next step then. Send them over to me and I’ll deliver professionally mixed sounding tracks. What I’ll do:

  • Level adjustment for each track
  • EQ for each track where needed
  • Compression on each track when needed
  • Phase relations between tracks
  • Automation
  • Effects where needed (Like reverb, delay and distortion)
  • Arrangements
  • Up to three(3) revisions
  • The Master is included as part of the delivery

Price: 150$ per song


Makes your single, album or EP radio-ready

Your album, EP or single is recorded and mixed. It is time to master it! In short, it is the final touch that makes your music sound consistent and have a “character”. What I’ll do:

  • Edit minor flaws.
  • Adjust stereo width if needed.
  • Add ambience if needed.
  • Adjust volume.
  • Dynamic range compression or expansion if needed.
  • Peak limit.
  • Dither.

Price: 50$ per song


Nothing's perfect... but let's get your tracks really close to perfection

Sometimes the tracks that conform a song need to be edited, before the mixing step, to remove unwanted noises or make them match the project’s tempo. To have an edited version of your tracks can be the difference between an ok/bad song and an awesome one!

Price: 75$ per song