How to prepare your track for mastering

Your tracks have been recorded and mixed, you are happy with the results and now want to show them to the world. You are almost there!

Mastering, keeping it short, is the term used for the process of taking the mix of a song and preparing it for distribution. If the song happens to be part of an album, then all songs are treated. The final result is a unified, consistent album with it’s own “character”.

There are some guidelines we would want you to follow when sending your tracks for mastering:

Remove all processing from your master channel. If you added limiting , compression or EQ to it, please remove it. It can make our work very difficult and will not be able to deliver the master we aim for. In short, remove any processing used to enhance the sound of the final mix.

The loudest section of your song shall be max -5db. We need the headroom to be able to work better and deliver a good master.

Send the highest resolution file you have. Most of the time it will be a 24bit WAV or an .AIF file. If you send compressed files, such as MP3, the quality of the master will suffer.

Send any reference songs and notes with the expectations on the sound. Having this information will help us achieve the sound you are wishing for.

Make sure the mix sounds as you want it. This is the most important thing to take into consideration before starting the mastering process. Flaws in the mix will continue being flaws in the master, so pay extra attention to this. Also, mastering can highlight issues in your mix. That is why we offer up to three revisions after the first master is delivered.