How to prepare for the recording session

So, you have decided to record your song (or songs). This is the most critical step in music production. A good mixed and mastered track depends on well recorded music. And you have decided to pay for the service. Here are some guidelines on how to prepare for the recording session to save money, time and to get in return what you want: a good recording of your music.

Rehearse your material

This may seem obvious, but I’d like to say it nonetheless. It is very important that every band member can record a good performance in the shortest time possible. If you or your band members have problems in any section of the song, please address them before going to the studio. You will save money and a lot of frustration.

Practice with a click track

You will have to follow a tempo when recording your song. It is not easy to follow it at first, so practice by playing your music with a background click track. Also, you will be recording using headphones so it is a good idea that you use them while practicing too. The “click” can get really annoying.

Set an agenda in advance

Knowing which songs will be recorded and in what order can help a great deal to have a smoother process. Communicate it to the recording engineer so he/she can also prepare.

Your instrument must be in top condition

It is obvious to say that your instrument shall not make undesired noises or be broken. Intonation must be perfect. If your instrument uses strings and they are old, please put a new set of strings before the recording. This is important!

Take your music seriously

It is your music. Be proud of it and respect the process of producing it. It is important to have fun while recording, and it is equally important that you realize that it does not start sounding good magically. It requires a lot of work! Have a good night sleep, and come to the studio clear headed.