From Home Recording to Big Pro-sounding Mix

You made a good recording of your song in your home studio. The next step is to have it mixed and mastered.

If your goal is to have a radio-ready, pro-sounding track, I can help you reach that goal. Take a listen and compare yourself. This is a song by Scott Verville I worked on:


This version is a bit more than a rough mix, but far from the final product. What I did here: Level adjustment for each track, panning, phase relations between tracks and automation.


The final version. I took the “rough” mix and continued working on it. What I did here:  EQ for each track where needed, compression on each track when needed and effects where needed (like reverb, delay, saturation and distortion). Also added a mix bus compressor to glue everything together.

Interested? Once we start working together I’ll deliver the MIX (pre-master) and a MASTER. All in high quality WAV or AIFF format. Up to three(3) revisions.

Your song will be ready to sound good on the radio and streaming services, like Spotify or Deezer. And your fans can download a well produced song.

Price: 150$ per song

Reach me at and let’s get started!

Lukas – Proud Music Studios